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Date: Tuesday December 6th 2022 Location: Deutscher Club in Clark, NJ Time: 7:00 pm Topic: Pinewood Derby and Election of Club Officers We are holding our annual Pinewood Derby on Tuesday, December 6th at the Deutscher Club of Clark. We'll get started around 7:00 PM. Pull out that Pinewood Derby winner from your scouting days or build a new one. Plenty of good fun and competition to be had. Kids are welcome and encouraged to attend. This is a very family friendly event. We will be serving complimentary German food and (adult) beverages are available for purchase. The food is fantastic and save room for dessert! Join us for a fun evening and mingle with other members and BMW enthusiasts.This is a very enjoyable and relaxed event, so if you've been wanting to come to a meeting, this is it! Hope to see you there! Pinewood Derby rules: Cars must use official BSA Pinewood Derby wheels and axles. Cars must meet following specifications: - 5 oz maximum - 7" max length - 2 3/4" max width - 3/8" clearance - powdered graphite the only permitted lube. Pinewood Derby kits are available at most hobby stores that handle Cub Scout supplies. You can make your own entry, or you can let your kids help. This is a highly competitive NJ Chapter tradition, with many champ series points at stake. Make an entry, or come out and watch.

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New Jersey Chapter 2023 Board Election and Bylaws Approval

To all chapter members,

The following nominations were received by the November board meeting:

President – Paul Ngai
Vice President – Allison Mack
Secretary – Dave Allaway
Treasurer – Matthew Cahn
Director of Social Events – Josephine Skwish
Director of Driving Events – Jeff White
Member-at-Large (2) – Bob Isbitski, Mark Hulbrock

In addition, the proposed bylaws revisions are up for approval by the membership and are on the ballot.
The online election is now live and will be closed on December 1st.

All NJ Chapter members are eligible to cast their vote on the BMW CCA national website at the following link:


Members must be logged in to vote.

Dave Allaway, Secretary

New Jersey Chapter BMW CCA Bylaw Revisions

New Jersey Chapter BMW CCA Bylaw Revisions


At the September 24 BMW NA Cars and Coffee meeting New Jersey Chapter members voted to revise a section of the New Jersey Chapter Bylaws. Previously a vote by 2/3 of those present at an in-person meeting was required to revise the bylaws. Members voting on September 24 agreed to eliminate this requirement by a vote of 85 to 2. As such, the Bylaws can now be revised via an electronic vote, while still requiring a 2/3 majority of those voting.

A set of further revisions is needed to bring the bylaws up to date. They were originally written before Internet communications were widely used. As such, they prescribed written communications sent by mail and votes at in-person meetings.

Major changes in the proposed revision are as follows:

• The advent of Internet communications means that the Chapter now communicates to members via e-mail, Facebook, the chapter website, and social media. Because of this a new elected board position, Director of Communications, is being proposed. This person would oversee all chapter communications and would appoint the Chapter Newsletter Editor and Webmaster. The Newsletter Editor and Webmaster would no longer be voting board members.
• The Chapter Business Manager role is critically important for sponsor relations. Until now, the occupant of this appointed position has not been a voting member of the board. The revisions propose that the Business Manager would have a vote on the Board.
• A number of more minor changes are proposed, most to streamline election procedures and eliminate the need for elections to be conducted at in-person meetings.
• Of necessity, it is also specified that the Chapter is now defined as a subsidiary of a South Carolina Corporation, as BMW CCA headquarters have been relocated.
• A change in the liability section is proposed to reflect the new composition of the board.

We ask that you vote on the entire bylaw package as part of the annual elections. You can either vote to accept or reject the changes.

Best Regards,

The Bylaw Revision Team
Brian Morgan
Dave Allaway
Larry Engel
Hank Farber
Neil Gambony

NJ Chapter BMW CCA 2023 Board Nominations

Nominations are now open for the following 2023 New Jersey Chapter board positions:

- President
- Vice President
- Treasurer
- Secretary
- Director of Social Events
- Director of Driving Events
- Member-at-Large (two)

Nominations must be received by me in writing (or e-mail) prior to the November 2, 2022 board meeting. This year's elections will be conducted online (more information to follow).

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the board positions, nominating process or elections. Thank you.

Dave Allaway
Secretary, NJ Chapter BMW CCA

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About Us

The New Jersey Chapter of the BMW Car Club of America was established in 1970 and today has of over 3,000 members in New Jersey and the surrounding area. Our purpose is to provide services and organize events that benefit and interest our members. Our goal is to help you get the most enjoyment and satisfaction from BMW ownership, and to create a community where members can share their enthusiasm for these terrific cars.

The Chapter holds a monthly meeting for members that often consist of technical presentations and demonstrations. Our social events are well know as fun, family affairs and offer a great opportunity for members and their families to meet and mingle.

Since we are a car club, we place a lot of emphasis on the safe, proper operation of the automobile. We offer several “behind-the-wheel” activities in a learning environment that are designed to improve your driving skills. These consist of our Street Survival program for teens, Autocross events and our highly regarded Driver School program.

Since this is a BMW car club, we also organize competitive events that explore the limits of these awesome cars. We hold regular timed Autocross events and sponsor several Club Races throughout the season.

If you, like most car nuts, can’t resist modifying, improving and maintaining your prized BMW’s, the club has a terrific collection of resources for you. The scope and depth of knowledge among our membership almost guarantees that you’ll find an expert who will gladly offer advice on any detail, and the club maintains a technical library and toolbox for your use.

This club exists for you, the membership, and is run by active members. What we do as a club is determined by you so, if you would like to see other activities, or additional services offered, please bring these suggestions forward.

So, join the club, come to a meeting, and meet your fellow members. We are sure that you will make new friends who share your interests – and passion – for these great cars!

Officers and Contacts