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NJ Chapter—50th Anniversary Celebration

The 50th year celebration of the New Jersey Chapter founding has been postponed until next year, 2021.

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Upcoming Events

Biergarten at the Deutscher Club of Clark, NJ

Event:  BMW Biergarten Night
Date: July 10th, 2020

Place: Deutscher Club of Clark NJ

Address: 787 Featherbed Ln, Clark, NJ 07066

Time: 5pm-10pm

Admission: $5 per person

The Deutscher Club of Clark NJ has invited the NJ BMW CCA to one of their annual BMW Biergarten Event.  As usual, there will be plenty of good German food and beverages!

PLEASE NOTE:  There will be no car show this year.  Also, event is limited to 500 attendees, so please come early.  Doors open at 5pm.  Face coverings must be worn and attendees are required to be six feet apart for social distancing.  

On Sunday, July 12th, the NJ Chapter of the BMW Car Club of America will host a family-friendly ~60-mile scenic drive over the back-roads of Somerset County to benefit NORWESCAP, an organization which serves low-income families in northwest New Jersey.  The scenic drive will occur rain or shine and will start at the Hills Village Shopping Center @ 550 Hills Dr in Bedminster (https://www.google.com/maps/dir//500+Hills+Dr,+Bedminster,+NJ+07921) at 10:30am.  There will be time to grab coffee or food at the starting point and there will be two stops along the drive (intended to be lunch at Long Valley Pub & Restaurant in Long Valley; Jockey Hollow National Historical Park in Morristown).  We'll drive in a caravan; the route will be also available via Google Maps @ http://tinyurl.com/BMWCCAScenicDrive712.

We are collecting a donation of $20 per vehicle - cash or check will be collected on the day of the event - which will be donated to NORWESCAP.We are setting a limit of 40 cars for this event.  Please register in advance for this event on MotorsportsReg @ https://njbmwcca.motorsportreg.com/events/july-12-fun-drive-nj-public-roads-bmw-cca-new-jersey-897025 so that we can plan appropriately for our travel stops.   Face masks are required at all times (except while in your car) and social distancing behavior should be observed.  We will be eating lunch outside on the patio or in the parking lot at Long Valley Pub.  It is recommended that you bring sunscreen, folding chair(s) and pop-up canopy (for outdoor lunch), and a two-way FRS radio (if you want to talk to other cars).

July 18th - 19th @ Summit Point.

Register on MotorsportReg
Hello Racers and Driver School participants.  Good news, the event is on!  The event is open to participants and crew only - no spectators.

We are expecting a big field of racers. We may need to limit the field to 50 participants so be sure to register early to secure your slot.   This event is a designated a North America Challenge Race.  This means there will be 4 points races (2 each day), 3 of which will be at 150% points and one at the regular points rate.  There will be some extra practice as this is the first club race for the North Atlantic region.

Students and Instructors
Unfortunately social distancing still does not allow us to do in-car instruction so this school will be a new format.  There will only be 2 run groups.  The first is for  A+Advanced/Solo students and Instructors.  Students and Instructors will pay to attend and run under student rules. Instructors will not have students and can only give passenger rides to a family member.  This group will be limited to 50 participants and we expect to give you more track time than our usual schools.   The second student group will be for newly promoted intermediates and beginners.  Beginners must have previous track experience.  It will be a lead-follow format with a limit of 16 students. In this format, an instructor is assigned to 2 students and they drive together on the track learning the proper line, braking and turn-in points and doing exercises that are often limited in other schools.  Acceptance into either group is at the discretion of the Chief Instructor so if you have questions about your eligibility, contact our Chief Instructor billvanocker@njbmwcca.org   If you have already registered let us know if you still wish to attend.  Again Instructors will pay to attend and will not have students.   More details to come - we look forward to seeing you at the track!   Jamie Kavalieros NJBMWCCA Driver School Chairman Register on MotorsportReg
Details coming soon.

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Re: E36 M3 Anyone try Batteries in Parallel?

Consider a portable charger/starter. You can charge at home and connect it via your lighter to keep the car battery charged for days or even a few weeks depending on the model.

Re: E36 M3 Anyone try Batteries in Parallel?

I've had an electrical system overhaul that got rid of excess parasitic drain on the battery and fixed connection problem that caused a bigger than normal drop in volts/amps from the alternator to the battery while driving.

I had tried a solar power trickle charger that did nothing for me. But to be fair, that was when I still had some electrical issues. Back then reviews for solar chargers were usually saying they don't really do what they are intended to. But something I can look into again.

Re: E36 M3 Anyone try Batteries in Parallel?

How about solar power, I'm pretty sure our autocross chairman uses a small solar cell that sits on the dash to charge the battery when the car is not in use. To be honest I don't know how well it works. You could contact him.

Has the car been checked to be sure you don't have and excess parasitic drain? If you have anything plugged into the cigarette lighter such as a USB charger, they draw current even when not charging your phone.


Re: E36 M3 Anyone try Batteries in Parallel?

@stix217 Not an option to have a quick disconnect. We get people coming through our complex often and going through peoples cars and steeling them too.

About Us

The New Jersey Chapter of the BMW Car Club of America was established in 1970 and today has of over 3,000 members in New Jersey and the surrounding area. Our purpose is to provide services and organize events that benefit and interest our members. Our goal is to help you get the most enjoyment and satisfaction from BMW ownership, and to create a community where members can share their enthusiasm for these terrific cars.

The Chapter holds a monthly meeting for members that often consist of technical presentations and demonstrations. Our social events are well know as fun, family affairs and offer a great opportunity for members and their families to meet and mingle.

Since we are a car club, we place a lot of emphasis on the safe, proper operation of the automobile. We offer several “behind-the-wheel” activities in a learning environment that are designed to improve your driving skills. These consist of our Street Survival program for teens, Autocross events and our highly regarded Driver School program.

Since this is a BMW car club, we also organize competitive events that explore the limits of these awesome cars. We hold regular timed Autocross events and sponsor several Club Races throughout the season.

If you, like most car nuts, can’t resist modifying, improving and maintaining your prized BMW’s, the club has a terrific collection of resources for you. The scope and depth of knowledge among our membership almost guarantees that you’ll find an expert who will gladly offer advice on any detail, and the club maintains a technical library and toolbox for your use.

This club exists for you, the membership, and is run by active members. What we do as a club is determined by you so, if you would like to see other activities, or additional services offered, please bring these suggestions forward.

So, join the club, come to a meeting, and meet your fellow members. We are sure that you will make new friends who share your interests – and passion – for these great cars!

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