BimmerWorld BMW CCA Club Racing School


What is BMW Club Racing School?

The BMW CCA club racing school focuses on situations inherent to racing and open track lapping. The majority of the on track sessions will be held with other cars next to, in front of, and behind you at all times. This introduces the students to traffic, passing, and driving lines that they won’t get in the typical high performance driving school. Exercises include driving the entire track for multiple laps both two and three abreast to develop spatial awareness, setting up passes coming into corners at speed and passing while exiting corners which develop off-line competency and confidence, as well as practice race starts and open track sessions which combine all aspects of the learned material.

The method of track instruction is unique to the Club Racing School in that instructors do not ride along with the students during the on track sessions. The instructors, who are primarily composed of seasoned racers, observe the students while driving their own cars. This allows the instructor to develop a greater sense of how a student is improving with respect to spatial and situation awareness, different lines, and traffic.

The on track sessions are supported by 4 hours of classroom time per day. While the classroom sessions will support the on track experiences, topics such a car preparation, mental preparation, physical preparation, qualifying, the benefits of practice sessions, car setup, etc. are also presented to the students for discussion. The school is designed as a learning experience and not a speed contest. The emphasis is on driver development, so race prepared cars are not required and neither are driving suits, racing seats or harnesses. Your driver school car is welcome at the event; all participant cars are subject to the usual driver school technical requirements.

Graduation from the BMW CCA Club Racing School does not automatically qualify you for a BMW CCA Club Racing license, but if you meet the experience and other requirements you will be eligible for a rookie license and the opportunity to join the ranks of BMW CCA Club Racing. Please note that acceptance to the club racing school is at the discretion of the event chair and registrar and is not guaranteed.

If you are thinking about becoming a Club Racer or if you are an advanced student and just want a different learning experience, give the Club Racing school a try. You will a better driver for it and will definitely have a great time.