E70 X5 - thoughts?

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Re: E70 X5 - thoughts?

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Haha! I can see your point, and wish it was that simple. When I read back through the thread, I can see the humor in "my side", and how things may appear. However, it's really true. My wife doesn't want a wagon, minivan, or in truth the X5. It should read: "are you kidding me, my hubby wants to put me in an X5".

Now you're probably wondering why not the X5. She knows they're safe, reasonably reliable, and familiar. However, at the risk of sounding ridiculous, and getting lost in translation on the internet....what I haven't explained here is that my wife is concerned about the "image". Let me be clear, she doesn't think BMW drivers have an image, but is worried that outsiders assume they do. My wife is very humble, quiet, and tends to avoid the spotlight. She knows that not all BMW drivers are as like us in the BMWCCA. She knows that I like the performance of a BMW, and as a car enthusiast she understands why I drive them. However, she's not so sure her coworkers would understand. To be fair, my wife is a social worker, and it would be a bit odd among her colleagues.

Right now, she's driving a 2008 Xterra that we bought new in 2007 to replace a low mileage lemon of a Land Rover Freelander. The Xterra has 130,000 miles on it and going strong. Frankly, we don't plan to get rid of it - we've maintained it with that intention. It's just gotten too small for everyday use, and really limits our ability to pick up my son's friends/nephews when both kids are in the car, so it makes babysitting for other kiddos, cousins, etc. a difficult proposition. Honestly, if the Xterra were just a tad longer, wider, and had a 3rd row, that's what my wife would want. Heck, just wider so one more rear end could sit back there would be enough. Ultimately, my wife is change averse. So much to the point that she doesn't particularly enjoy driving our e90 - and it's a familiar car. (it's a 328i, but I can dream it's an M3 :D ). As a passenger, it's fine, but for driving, not so much. I've frequently had X3 loaners when in for service, and she likes those, but just not for herself.

If she'd say "yes" to an X5 or a Cayenne, I'd be at the dealership tomorrow. If she thought adding a minivan was what we needed, I'd happily drive it, but she's the one who is shopping, and it's ultimately her call. Lord knows I've put her through plenty of my car purchases and what I wanted over the years. It's her turn.

In the end, I know she'll agree to at least test drive an X5. I'll keep my mouth shut when it happens (maybe), and let the car sell itself. If she likes it, then we're good. If not, the search continues. Just don't ask me what the other choices are - they hardly compare. I'm just glad there are some good experiences here in the CCA to justify that an X5 is a worth car to cross shop.

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