Z4 - Gas gauge will only show 1/2 full?

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Z4 - Gas gauge will only show 1/2 full?

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The wife's 2003 Z4 2.5 will only show 1/2 full on the gas guage. Apparently it can be fixed for $400-500! Has anyone experienced this and is there a cheaper fix?

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It sounds like the gauge pointer moves with the fuel level, but the pointer does not indicate more than 1/2 tank, even when the tank is full.

If so, then I agree that you should try using Techron.

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unrelated but maybe someone knows, is there a way (using GT1 or anything?) to get the gas warning light to come on earlier than 2 gallons? I'd love to give my wife a visual reminder when it gets to say 1/3 of a tank as she often waits until the light comes on (against my best instructions not to)

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Re: Z4 - Gas gauge will only show 1/2 full?

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Same thing happened to my wife's E39. The problem was a mouse that chewed the wires entering the gas tank.

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