Engine oil leaks and smoke from exhaust

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Original poster(wish you would share your name) and Kieth ,you guys have 2 different engines.. Keith assuming you're talking about your E39 touring ,that is a M62TU ,the OP's vehicle is a N62 ,N62 is mostly a different design outside the fact they share the same displacement (4.4) and have 8 cylinders.
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Thanks Ray, I was not picking up on the differences. My comment about the CVV and separator then of course may not be correct. But in many cases a leak is a leak Unless BMW now uses miracle gaskets, they still age. I believe the basic layout is the same with timing chain covers and valve covers. Again because of differences there may not be Vanos Solenoid valve gaskets (and they were the real easy ones to change).

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+1 on RAYADAM.

kbsilver: The M62TU is far different than the N62.

Higher mileage N62s are notorious for valve guide stem seals issues. Dealers will tell you they do them all the time.

The earlier M62s have the known leak issues (gaskets, valley pan, etc, etc, etc) that have been noted in prior posts.


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"We do them all the time" is true
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What is the estimated cost of repair to replace the valve guide seals ??

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