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Parts available

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98 M3 front wheel with tire

E28 Euro Driver side grill, with 7" headlight, and ring

E28 Euro head light hardware

E28 trunk rubber seal

E28 Door seals

E28 Door silver trims

1 Bottle cap wheel with tire

E39 used Front struts

E38 4x3 Navi screen and computer

E28 Valve cover gasket

E39 (4) stock wheel with tires 80% remaining

E39 Non-DSP Radio and Mid

E28 Head, Ported

98 M3 Pink Injectors

E39 Injectors with rail

E39 528 intake manifold

E39 530 Intake manifold

98 M3 lower front bumper cover (new)

98 M3 Driver side headlight cover (glass)

98 M3 Headlights (needs cleaning)

E39 Steering wheel with Airbag

E39 Sport Steering wheel with Airbag (missing clock spring)


Angel Eyes kit.

Please drop me an email with your needs. Not able to provide pic until next week. Email me with your questions.

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