Rear Left Brake Light...what is the trick to replacing it?

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Rear Left Brake Light...what is the trick to replacing it?

Post by pearls »

Ok. I replaced the rear RIGHT brake light about 2 months ago without an issue. Now I have to do the same with the rear LEFT brake light and it is not cooperating.

I reach in past the wiring harness for the cell phone and the CD player, try to twist the bulb holder and get no where...with the exception of scrapped knuckles.

Anyone know the easy way? All of other bulbs are easily removed. since I have been futzing around, my left turn signal is on FAST blink...ARRGGGHHH...

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :(

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Post by golle »

you know the same thing just happened to me, only on the left brake light, i hope someone has a suggestion.

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Post by fared01 »

There is no real secret to it. However, the lights that are stuck may be corroded and sticking for that reason. Your light is now on "fast blink" because the connection has been broken and the light is not working.

In truth, you may be able to get it working, but I would recommend that you replace both taillight units. There are some great looking (and original looking) replacements on the market and they are easy to install.


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