Battery 04 745 Li (Under warranty or not)?

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Battery 04 745 Li (Under warranty or not)?

Post by Catanzaro »

I have an 04 745 Li. Warranty expired 08/2008. Although CPO Warranty is good until 08/2010.

Question: Is the battery coverd under the CPO. Dealer had charged me a lot of money for battery and Labor.

From reading the posts, it seems like the Battery is covered, although the CPO Warranty on the website for BMW states that all batteries are not covered. Remember that this is under the CPO and not the original manufactures warranty.

Please advise? Thank you.

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Post by sgoatley2001e46 »

I don't know much about the CPO programs and battery warranties, but you may want to start by asking the service writer at your local BMW dealership. You won't have to pay if you talk with him. In conjunction with replacing my alternator recently, I did the battery too. Instead of paying the dealer, I did a little bit of calling around and found the battery for 50% less than the dealer wanted for just the part.

I happened to be in conversation with Mike Miller, and he recommended Interstate batteries. I used the Interstate website and they have a nice selector for finding the exact battery your car needs, and then you'll be able to find a local dealer. If you're in Morris County, and know the battery you need, try calling Batteries Plus in Ledgewood/Roxbury. They seem to have everything.

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Post by RAYADAM »

Batteries are not covered by CPO

also,any battery replacements in vehicles like your E65/66 and newer models E60 and higher (except X3 and Z4's) should have the new battery registered. It's done with BMW's diagnosis equipment.this will allow the vehicle's electrical management system to control proper charging and sleep modes for battery service life. for example,as the battery ages,the computer's logic will charge the battery in a way to protect it. also as the battery ages, vehcle may assume sleep modes sooner for older batteries to save power.
I have no actual proof if not registering a battery will shorten the life of it , but I know BMW incorporated this system to maximize the health of the installed batteries.. we also,have to perform a retrofit if the CCA rating is changed too :shock: ..
for those of you wondering what I meant about the "sleep" is simply the vehicle shutting down electrical components to save battery reserves.on Catanzaro's can actually watch the system shut down. you'll 1st see the shifter indicator shut off 15-20 seconds,after that the seat switch light will go off in about 2 minutes.
HTH and hopefully I did not bore some of you :?
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Post by Razzy23 »

Well said, Mr Ray Adam. (in case you're wondering who is this. well, remember the guy at the DC club with the silver 5 series that "pings") Yup, its me, Tom.

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Post by ladislav »

Iirc Interstate batteries are available at regular auto parts stores like AutoZone and AdvancedAuto and at suborbital prices.

I see no reason why this is not a self-install item with perhaps a short visit to the stealer for data entry if the vehicle requires it.

Dealers are outreageous. In my quest for used E31s I've come across a service entry where the owner was charged (and paid) $38 for 'battery check' as a separate item.

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