BMW Leather

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BMW Leather

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For all of your finatics who like to take care of your BMW's (especially on the inside), your leather is probably wearing out on the drivers seat. After 1 year of searching I found a person in Union who can do the work at a reasonable cost. This company will order samples of the same leather from companies in California. The company is called Veteran Company (google them) in Los Angeles, CA. Leather is not super expensive or neither cheap. Althogh if you want the leather restored to its original look and feel, you can start here. If you find someone to remove seat, take old leather off and put new on, then use your own person. Try to find someone who has been doing this for a long time.

Great Buffalo on Morris Avenue in Union NJ can do the job. It will be a lot cheaper than the dealer. The dealer has to order a whole new sleeve for you with costs 3X the amount and the labor is astranomical.

Anyone who wishes to get their leather repaired should take a ride. Touching up with dye or spraying only lasts so long. On a small scale (fine), but the worn out peices, they should be replaced.


IF anybody knows anybody else who sells the leather (OEM) and does this work, please post. I will have my car done in the next month. I have used this Great Buffalo on my lexus a long time ago and he did a great job.

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