Need High End Body shop to Paint front bumper and side skirt

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+4 for JMK, they did an undetectable repair on my 540. And I am fussy.

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JMK, thoughts on insurance claim vs. out of pocket.

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Okay, stopped by JMK and got an estimate of $2,800 for repairs to my 2003 M3. It seems high, but I have no doubt they will do good work. The estimate is for replacing/painting back bumper (replacement doesn't appear necessary as it is only a small 2 inch chip out of the corner, but if the insurance company is paying, all the better.) New tail light and some molding is also needed. Finally, a 2 inch by 6 inch dent repair (the metal strip between the tail light and bumper when looking at the car from the back).

Someone else I know raved about a place called Sal-Mar Auto Body in Newark and claims the price will be much lower (hence, maybe I foot the bill and avoid an insurance increase). They have had body work done on their Lotus and Jaguar there. Anyone ever hear of the shop?

My car was hit by an unknown passer by while it was parked on the street. I was not in the car. Any idea whether Geico will ding me with an increase in insurance for this claim? In 20 years of driving, I have never had a ticket or an accident...UNTIL last year. I was at fault, but it was only a $2,500 claim. Despite my excellent record, my insurance still went up 20%. I really don't want another increase and would pay out of pocket if the price was in the range of $1,500.


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Give Anthony at MDS auto body a call. He did an excellent job on my E34 M5. They are located in Newark NJ. (973) 344-5403


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Geigo doesn't appear to be a great insurance company. I've had tickets (yes, yes for speeding) and an accident, my fault, and they didn't increase my insurance. We have USAA, but you have to have been in the military with an honorable discharge to get it.
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I've used Sal-Mar on a few occasions and was very satisfied with their work and even happier when I got the bill. They're especially flexible when your footing the bill yourself. I wouldn't describe them as a high-end shop but they are attentive to detail which I have found is tough to find in this area.

Although it is probably a bit our of the way I cannot say enough great things about C&D Autobody in South Hackensack. Their level of work is truly a step above. In fact, they do the work for BMW NA. Their lot is largely BMWs and Minis with a few other Euro makes thrown in there.

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+4 for JMK. Beautiful workmanship.
Regards, Walt.

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