Independent certified service mechanic needed in Edison, NJ

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When I worked for Firestone may years ago we had glass windows between the waiting area and the shop. We called it the "Fish Bowl" - Any time a customer was looking to see what was being done their car, one of the guys would yet out "You're on the air!"

None of our mechanics really minded the customers watching but sometimes we would get someone who clearly had no idea about cars and they asked a million questions and really hampered the repair process. "What is this, why are you doing that, shouldn't this be like this?" ARGH!

Here is a bit of advice: If you have to watch a tech repair your car to make sure its being done right, you need a new tech. If you watch them would you really know what the tech is actually doing to your car? Would you even know you know he is doing it right?
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Can anyone recommend a shop to adjust my steering box? I have an E31 850i, but its the same in the E32 7 series.

I'm in Edison as well and my normal mechanic doesn't want to touch it, and went to JMK and they want me to replace the steering box when it only needs to be adjusted.

Thanks in advance!

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