Got (Aim) Data? '02 E46 M3

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Got (Aim) Data? '02 E46 M3

Post by lilRIpper »

I'm new to data having recently purchased a Solo 2 DL and would like to know if anyone is willing to share data, preferably someone with a similar spec '02 E46 M3.

I'll be going to WG soon... I have data from Summit Point Main with most laps in the 1:28 range if I recall. I know the car can do better, I want to know if it's a lack of bravery on my part :D (very likely)

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Re: Got (Aim) Data? '02 E46 M3

Post by mcahn »

Hi, not really an answer to your question but, since I have the same AiM, your posting caught my eye. (And I used to have the same car, not that that matters). But I would like to make a suggestion -- don't worry too much (or at all) about your lap times. That's going to vary by conditions, and anyway, it isn't helpful. Look for specific things to try to improve and let the lap times fall where they may. Lack of bravery is a good thing. I've got plenty of that.

Although I've had the AiM for a while, various snafus have limited it's usefulness. I'd be happy to share but so far my data is from different tracks.


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