Approved Helmets for 2020 Schools?

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Approved Helmets for 2020 Schools?

Post by willyt »

Like all of you, I'm awaiting the reinstatement of the NJCCA Driving School/AutoX program. (Even though I've participated in only one AutoX event, and that was back in 2009! :oops: :oops: :oops: )

I haven't owned a helmet since I sold my R1200R in 2015, and I'm in the market for a new one. After reading some recent threads on the subject, I gather that a full-face helmet w/ Snell certification is mandatory for the Driver Schools.

Could someone direct me to the latest helmet specifications that are approved for participation.

TY, and eventually see you at the track.

John M

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Re: Approved Helmets for 2020 Schools?

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Glad you are looking forward to the return of our driving events. We are too - I just wish we had guidance on when, and how, we will be allowed to operate.

As to your question, yes you do need a full face helmet for Driver Schools at NJMP. At this point, you should buy a Snell2015 helmet. It will be good for 6 more years. If you don't get on track this year, then wait until the 2020 helmets come out. We recommend SA rather than M rated helmets since they have a Nomex lining and are tested for the impacts that may occur in a vehicle (that won't happen :D ).

We will be sending e-blasts and posting announcements on the website as we have better information.

Stay safe.


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Re: Approved Helmets for 2020 Schools?

Post by mcahn »

Hi John,

I’d like to offer a suggestion — buy your helmet from someplace you can go and try on helmets. The fit is important for both comfort and safety. I bought my first online. When it expired I bought my second from Stable Energies in Garfield, NJ. They were great — they spent about an hour with me letting me try on helmets. After that I realized how poorly my first helmet fit. Although I do wonder if the virus will have to be completely gone before one can try on helmets.


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