NJMP Driver School


Event: Driver School, BimmerWorld Club Racing School & Club Race
Date & Venue: June 2-3, NJMP Thunderbolt Raceway
Registration Link:
For Driver School and Club Racing School: HERE
For racers: HERE
Come join us for our gala 40th Anniversary Driver School event at our annual June Club Race/Driver School to benefit the Westlake School to be held on Thunderbolt Raceway at NJMP. We will have a celebratory banquet, honored guests and special giveaways. This is a perfect spectator event given the proximity of the track to the majority of our members, the excitement of Club Racing and the joy of the kids from the Westlake School who come as our guests. This event should not be missed!
Driver School: We anticipate a full school for this event based on past years. However, because this is also a Club Race event, we will only have two student run groups. It is likely that one of the groups will be for Advanced students with the second group being Beginner/ Intermediate. Acceptance preference is based upon the date your payment is received by the registrar. REGISTER EARLY TO SECURE YOUR SLOT!
Bimmerworld BMW CCA Club Racing School: The Bimmerworld BMW CCA Club Race School focuses on situations inherent to racing and open track lapping. The majority of the on track sessions will be held with other cars next to, in front of, and behind you at all times. This introduces students to traffic, passing, and driving lines that are not seen in the typical high performance driving school. Exercises include driving the entire track for multiple laps both two and three abreast to develop spatial awareness, setting up passes coming into corners at speed and passing while exiting corners which develop off line competency and confidence, as well as practice race starts and open track sessions which combine all aspects of the learned material.
On track sessions are supported by 4+ hours of classroom time per day and cover topics such a car, mental, and physical preparation, qualifying, the benefits of practice sessions, car setup, etc. The school is designed as a learning experience and not a speed contest. Race prepared cars are not required and neither are driving suits, racing seats or harnesses. The Bimmerworld BMW CCA Club Racing School is open to Advanced students and Instructors only.
Graduation from the Bimmerworld BMW CCA Club Racing School does not automatically qualify you for a BMW CCA Club Racing license, but if you meet the experience and other requirements you will be eligible for a rookie license. Acceptance to the club race school is at the discretion of the event chair and Club Race School chief instructor.
Club Racers: You know this is always a great race. Remember to register on the Club Racing website as well as Motorsportreg. We anticipate having special promotions just for our racers to celebrate the 40th anniversary.
Note: we are also welcoming NASA-licensed racers for this event. NASA racers will run in the same race as BMW CCA Club Racers but will be categorized as a separate class. To participate in this event, NASA drivers must be a BMW CCA Club member (enroll here if you are not already a member); you will then receive a complimentary BMW CCA Club Racing license.
Please be aware of our Participation and Cancellation Policies:Participants must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid driver’s license. Per requirements of BMW CCA national office, all STUDENT participants must be members of BMW CCA. Please include your BMW CCA membership number in your Profile. If you are not yet a BMW CCA member, we have a promotion to make it easy to join.
NJ BMW CCA does not allow convertibles of any kind nor SAV/SUVs at our on-track events. Spec Miatas are acceptable if they have a full roll-cage, permanently attached hard-top and current SCCA log book. They must also comply with all vehicle Technical Inspection requirements.
Note that all after-market tinting must be approved in advance by the Chief of Tech.  Failure to obtain pre-approval may result in your car failing Tech Inspection and loss of your registration fee.
Any damage caused to the paddock or track, including safety barriers, is the responsibility of the participant. Note that the track may collect payment on-site.
Cancellations will be accepted until two weeks prior to the start date of an event. Any cancellation received on or prior to the respective cancellation date will be charged a $25.00 handling fee. Any cancellation request following the cancellation date is subject to forfeiture of the entire entry fee if the Registrar is unable to fill your slot. If your slot is filled, only the $25 handling fee will apply. If you are a “no show” at the event, no refund will be given. All cancellations must be communicated in writing via e-mail or letter through the Registrar. If NJ BMW CCA must cancel an event for any reason, registrants will be provided a full refund; however, NJ BMW CCA will not be liable for any charges or costs registrants may incur other than the registration fee. Refunds will be issued following the event.

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